July 14, 2014

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December 3, 2013

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September 27, 2013

Tim Miles and Nebraska Basketball Embark on New Era Starting with "Meet the Huskers" Bash Tonight

Chris Labenz, GM Journal

*Apologies for the first-person point of view, I hope after reading you find it was fair in this instance.

Tim Miles and his Nebraska basketball team are having a pseudo-"Midnite Madness" tonight at the brand-new-spanking awesome Pinnacle Bank Arena in downtown Lincoln (one that fairly starts at 7 p.m. and not Midnite - baby steps). Yes you did read that right. However fear not hoops junkies, because given what we know about the man in charge of Nebraska Men's BBall these days, if Tim Miles is putting on an event like this I am 100% certain it will be: (1) well-organized, (2) fun, (3) educational, and (4) full of genuine enthusiasm.

So, the downside of attending is low from the beginning and, when you see Walter Pitchford (transfer from Florida - on Donovan's genuine & mutually beneficial recommendation to call Tim Miles) do a 360-degree dunk off an oop from Tai Webster - along with our other slew of athletic newcomers who have major ability and major high-school/JUCO reptuations - adding on to the surprisingly talented returning group of Shields, Gallegos, and even Benny Parker in a more limited role - the upside is quite high.

I mean, seriously - LOOK HOW FAR THIS PROGRAM HAS COME ALREADY under the guidance of Miles! We got a Top 150 recruit to commit here and I think its safe to say a lot more are coming next season. How neat given the dark blackdrop of this program that was mainly built on little effort and financial commitment from the AD and got results to match. This is really 20-30 years of bottled-up enthusiasm for NU basketball blown-up all at once. Is this in part fair because of our football team's legendary run over the same time period? Sure, but it was long overdue time to pony up for a basketball program to go with Nebraska's stable of other high-end programs across the board (and makes you wonder if TO's renowed commitment to hoops had anything to do with our fledgling football team?). Because of the just general annoyance that is our football team week-to-week these days, it helps people are desperate too for another winner beyond Volleyball & women's basketball (not saying those teams don't deserve the attention people just want MORE). Add it all together and you see there is serious wind behind these sails now that Miles is captaining the ship.

The sheer fact EVERY MAJOR CBB WRITER and NAME says how much they love Tim Miles and his coaching & program-building ability tells you how much Miles connects with the world and sells what is really important in major athletics these days - himself. By putting his traits into the minds of those discussing Nebraska basketball, Miles has sparked Nebrasketball in a way I did not think possible.

If our football team hired someone like this - and it is somewhat difficult to find a comparison on exactly who that would be (for me Art Briles could KILL at Nebraska and has same enthusiasm/vision as Miles along with key recruiting ties) - I would cry at this point from joy and relief that the never-ending (not to mention so sad) arguments on whether Nebraska FB/Bo were good could finally stop, if only for a month or two.

Go Tim Miles and GBR, I can't wait to have a legit basketball team at NU. With Miles I don't think I'll be waiting much longer.